Robot Books

Robot Building for Beginners bookRobot Building for Beginners by David Cook

This book is for readers who like the schematics, photographs, and style of Robot Room, but who have been looking for complete step-by-step instructions or a beginning project. Robot Building for Beginners consists of all new material that doesn’t exist on this web site. Highly recommended. Teens to adults. Here’s a detailed look at the chapters.

Cover of Intermediate Robot Building bookIntermediate Robot Building by David Cook

A second book, also in the style of the Robot Room website and the first book. Presents a second robot that can be built with or without programming. All new material not presented on this site, plus greater in-depth material on the topics that receive the most questions on

Highly recommended. College students to adults. Here’s a detailed look at the chapters.

Cover of Junkbots, Bugbots, and Bots on WheelsJunkbots, Bugbots, & Bots on Wheels by Dave Hrynkiw and Mark W. Tilden

Truly an excellent book from very talented builders!

Tons of clear photographs with complete instructions for multiple robots and related experiments. Lots of tips and tricks.

There are two things I like most about this book: First, the authors concentrate on recycling as many techno-trash parts as possible, which overcomes the cost barrier that many robot hobbyists encounter. Second, the designs are extremely different from the two-wheeled robots that I tend to build. Their fascinating (yet easy to build) robots are much like insects in appearance, movement, and behavior.