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Chicago Area Robotics Group CHIBOTS: Chicago Area
Robotics Group


Left to right: Lee, Dave, and John. Behind the camera: David.

ChiBots, Chicago Area Robotics Group, met at the Schaumburg Public Library.

180M Mk. II front view 180M Mk. II side view 180M Mk. II rear view 180M Mk. II underside view The front slides on a drawer knob
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180M Mark II
John Patrick brought 180M Mk. II, a Critter Crunch contestant robot. It's a remote-controlled robot which runs on 4 NiCd batteries (4.8 volts).

It has three servo motors, one of which lifts the front scoop. The radio controller (not pictured) is attached with Velcro, so that he can use the same component in other robots. Although some nuts and machine screws are used to attach the motors, most of the body is connected with aluminum pop rivets. The rivets don't loosen like nuts can, yet are just as unlikely to break under the battle conditions this robot faces at 2 lbs.

Stepper motor door prize Dave hoisting ahigh his new stepper motor

Door Prize
John gave away a stepper motor that he salvaged from a printer. The lucky recipient, Dave, kept asking about specs. "12 volts or 24? How about wiring diagrams?" Perhaps this agenda item should be renamed to "white elephant".

Endotherm Endotherm battle damage Endotherm wheel (with battle scars)
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After the meeting, John Patrick invited us outside to pull Endotherm out of his car trunk. Endotherm competed in BattleBots. John was rightfully proud of the deep groves, scar, bent brackets, and overall battle damage.

John Patrick / Team Saber's home page is

One-third of John's next generation battlebot
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Next Generation BattleBot
John Patrick also showed us a framed pair of wheels (one-half total) for his next model of competition robot.

Meeting Minutes
by David Wooden

First, I apologize for the lack of detail; I didn't know I would be doing this when the meeting started.

Minutes from the third ChiBots Meeting, September 17, 2000:

In attendance were Lee ( I didn't get the last name; Please let me know, Lee), John Patrick, David Cook and David Wooden.

Nobody had brought a copy of the agenda, so we followed through by memory. The agenda followed was: Show and Tell, Constitution discussion, Nomination of officers, Purpose of the group and Door prize.

Show and Tell:
John Patrick brought in the base from his Critter Crunch robot, 180M, to show everyone. John also brought pictures from the BattleBots events he has attended. We discussed the events for some time. John revealed some of his sources for components:
C & H Sales, (800) 325-9465
W. M. Berg, (800) 232-BERG
Surplus Center (800) 488-3407

Points were raised about references to IEEE Student Services being removed, as they were left over from a previous document. The removal of officers was also raised, but this point requires some further thought, as this is a sensitive issue.

Nomination of Officers:
John Patrick was nominated for President.
Jim Fiocca was nominated for Vice President / Treasurer.
David Wooden was nominated for Secretary.

There was some discussion on what the club would like to accomplish. Some ideas included:
Events: Line Following competition, Demonstration at Woodfield Mall, or Museum of Science & Industry
Standardized Kit or Platform for members to build in order to gain experience.
Building period: A meeting devoted to members working on their robots.

Door Prize:
John Patrick contributed a stepper motor to give away as a door prize. We all stared at it for a moment, wondering what we could do with it. David Wooden finally claimed it, and asked the infamous specification questions.

More Show and Tell:
As the meeting adjourned, we all went out to John Patrick's car to see the rest of his robot gear. John had brought his battle robot, Endotherm, in a partially disassembled state. John showed us the battle scars it had incurred and the modifications he had made. John also showed one wheel pod from the new heavyweight robot he is creating.

Proposed Constitution
Chicago Area Robotics Group (ChiBots)


Sec. 1. This organization shall be known as the Chicago Area Robotics Group, or ChiBots for short.

Sec. 2. The purpose shall be the dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice of all aspects of robotics, including mechanical and electrical engineering, computers, electronics, radio, allied branches of engineering or the elated arts and sciences.


Sec. 1. Full Membership shall be limited to any adult who can physically attend the ChiBots meetings. Student Membership is available for any minor who can physically attend the ChiBots meetings.

Sec. 2. Membership and participation in ChiBots activities shall be free from discrimination based on gender, race, religion, handicap, or sexual orientation.

Article III: DUES

Sec. 1. The Executive Committee of ChiBots shall have the power to levy special assessments upon endorsement by a two-thirds vote of the membership of ChiBots.

Sec. 2. Dues shall be collected on an annual basis, and shall be used exclusively for the promotion of robotics within the group including, but not limited to, purchase of equipment, contest materials and prizes.


Sec. 1. The Executive Officers of ChiBots shall be a President, a Vice-Present/Treasurer, and a Secretary.

Sec. 2. Non-Executive Officers may include, but are not limited to, a Publicity Coordinator, a Web Page Coordinator, and a Librarian.

Sec. 3. Only Full Members in good standing shall be eligible to hold office. Student Members shall not be entitled to hold office, although they can vote during officer elections.

Sec. 4. The term of office shall ordinarily be one year and shall begin on December 1 of each year.

Sec. 5. Election of Officers for the following year shall be held not later than the last meeting of each year.

Sec. 6. Candidates for the office of President must have previously served as an elected Officer of ChiBots. In the event that no candidates meet this requirement, This requirement shall be waived.


Sec. 1. The management of the affairs of ChiBots shall be in the hands of the Executive Committee, consisting of the duly elected officers of ChiBots.

Sec. 2. The Executive Committee shall be the governing body of ChiBots and shall transact all business it deems advisable, including the filling of vacancies in offices, authorization of expenditures, etc.


Sec. 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of ChiBots, shall appoint all committees, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, and shall assume all other executive duties not otherwise delegated.

Sec. 2. The Vice-President shall perform all functions of the President if the latter is absent or upon the request of the President.

Sec. 3. The Secretary shall keep a record of activities of the Branch and shall record the number of members at each meeting or activity. The Secretary is responsible for filing the Annual Plan of Activities and the Annual Report of Activities with IEEE Student Services, in a timely manner. The Secretary shall carry on all other communications necessary to the activity of the Branch and ensure that all activities of the Branch are in accordance with this Constitution and the Bylaws of the IEEE.

Sec. 4. The Vice-President shall also act as Treasurer, and receive all money and pay all debts of ChiBots authorized by the Executive Committee, and shall keep an exact account of all receipts and expenditures. The Treasurer shall also complete the year-end Financial Statements for inclusion in the Annual Report of Activities.


Sec. 1. ChiBots shall hold regular and special meetings at such places and time as designated by the Executive Committee, with a minimum of four (4) meetings a year.


Sec. 1. ChiBots is empowered to adopt Bylaws which are consistent with this Constitution.

Sec. 2. The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of members of ChiBots present and voting, provided the amendment has been proposed at least one duly publicized meeting previous to the time of voting and provided that quorum is met. Such amendments become effective only upon the approval of the Executive Committee, but such approval shall not be unduly withheld.

Adopted: ???????, 2000