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Chicago Area Robotics Group CHIBOTS: Chicago Area
Robotics Group


Left to right facing: John, Leon, Brian, Jim, and Tom. Left to right away: Brian and David. Still arriving: Paul. Behind the camera: David.

ChiBots, Chicago Area Robotics Group, met at the Schaumburg Public Library.

Door Prizes

Leon and Brian with their gearhead motors Close up of the gearhead motor with 90 degree turn

Last month, Tom brought a pair of gearhead motors that went unclaimed. They were in demand this meeting and so went to the earlier arrivers, Leon and Brian.

Aluminum robot platform

Tom lavished the group with more prizes. An aluminum robot platform for everyone!


Tom, Brian, and David watch the Dallas robot contest video

David showed a portion of his video from the CIRC Sumo Competition and Tom showed some of the Dallas Personal Robotics Group RoboRama 2000. Notice the aluminum robot platforms on the table?

Exhibition Sumo Matches

Intruder vs. Pound Of Wood Bugdozer vs. Intruder

Earlier in the meeting, David described the CIRC Sumo event and showed CIRC's printed program, t-shirts, and prizes.

Paul brought his Sumo ring and his son's robot, Intruder. Intruder battled Pound Of Wood and Leon's Legos. Then sparred with Bugdozer a bit!

Meeting Minutes
by David Wooden

ChiBots Minutes 11/12/2000

Roll Call:
Jim Fiocca
David Cook
Brian Jones
Leon Jones
John Patrick
Tom Gralewicz
Brian Schwartz
Paul Jurczak

Remains as listed

Changes as listed Constitution in Word format

Door prizes:
Motors from last meeting - Brian & Leon Jones
Chassis - one for each

Next month:
Swap meet & Door Prize

David Cook won First Place at CIRC Mini Sumo
Central Illinois Robotics Club
Prize - Servo Controller, Software, subscription to Robot Science & Tech.
$25 at Fastener Express Muscle wires book

Bill Harrison hosted - Great Job!
Seattle Robotics Society

We viewed some of Davidís Tape, then DPRG line following from Tom.
Intro interview before / after match

Demo or competition?
Line follower
Follow the Leader

Jim Frey: Mini BattleBots - 12lb Remote
Critter Crunch
DPRG: T Time, Can Can,
Same course - different levels of difficulty
Vacuuming - Atlanta - vacuum up rice

Line follow
Mini Sumo