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ChiBots Meeting Minutes for Sunday, July 15, 2001
by David Wooden

I. Members present at the meeting

Jim Fiocca, Vice President / Treasurer
David Wooden, Secretary
Mike Bakula
Tom Gralewicz
Joe Fao
Alexander Gray
Robert Gray
Don Kerste
Rob Miller
Leon Sarokin
Brian Schwartz
Alex Slack
Blake Sullivan
Calvin Tszeng
Edward Tszeng
Oliver Tszeng
Eddy Wright

II. Old Business

  1. DucKon Critter Crunch Results
    Joe Fao gave a brief report on the DucKon Critter Crunch and showed a videotape of some of the action. There were seven 2-pound class critters and one 20-pound entry.

  2. Collect Dues
    Jim Fiocca is collecting the $20.00 annual dues. Paid members can enter contests and vote in elections. Everyone is always welcome at the meetings, free of charge.

  3. Logo Contest
    The Logo Contest has been deferred until the September meeting. Submissions will be due at that time. The contest and due date will be published on the mailing list.

  4. Next Technical Presentation
    The next presentation will be given by Mike Bakula on Designing robots for Critter Crunch. Mike will be calling for those who have built Critters to bring them in.

III. New Business

The meeting minutes will be published on the mailing list from now on.

IV. Technical Presentation

H-Bridge Design, given by Don Kerste

Don gave a very detailed presentation on the circuits we most commonly use to drive DC motors. Don discussed how to determine the motor constant, advantages / disadvantages of bipolar junction versus MOSFET transistors, different configurations for bridge circuits, and lots of diagrams.

V. Close

End of official business