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Robotics Group

Library entrance Schaumburg Public Library


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The Chicago Area Robotics Group holds regular meetings at 1:00 PM the second Sunday of each month. In the case of a holiday, the meeting date may be shifted one week. Watch the mailing list for information on meeting changes.

North Rasmussen Room at the Schaumburg Public Library Meetings are held in a large conference room on the second floor.

It's usually North Rasmussen Room, at the very end of the hall. The meeting venue was changed for the 1st half of 2002. We were meeting in the Adult Classroom - 2 doors down from the current meeting room.

Meeting and events are held at:

Schaumburg Public Library
130 S. Roselle Road
Schaumburg, Illinois

Map to Schaumburg

The library is on the southwest corner of Schaumburg Road and Roselle Road. The library is closer to Schaumburg Road than Roselle, even though the address is listed as Roselle. The entrance on Roselle Road is through a shopping center, which confuses some people.

Map to library