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Chicago Area Robotics Group CHIBOTS: Chicago Area
Robotics Group


Left to right: Dave, Tom, John and Jim. Behind the camera: David.

ChiBots, Chicago Area Robotics Group, met at the Schaumburg Public Library. The miniature Sumo robot, Bugdozer, was demonstrated.

Door Prizes

Tom Tom brought three groups of door prizes.
Stepper motors driver board Gearhead motors Optical encoders

He generously handed out stepper motors driver boards (to go along with September's prize), gearhead motors, and optical encoders.

Jim with his encoders

Dave and John got stepper motor boards and Vice-President-nominee Jim (above) got the encoders. The gearhead motors were still available (they got claimed at the next meeting). Free robot parts!

Preview for BattleBots

Fusion John test driving Fusion

In the parking lot, John Patrick of Team Saber showed off his incomplete but drivable Fusion combat robot. Click on each of the pictures (above) to see short video clips. Look out BattleBots!

John Patrick / Team Saber's home page is

ChiBots meeting minutes, Sunday, October 15, 2000

by David Wooden

1. Members present at the meeting

John Patrick
Jim Fiocca
David Cook
Tom Gralewicz
David Wooden

2. Show and tell

Before the meeting started, David Cook showed off his mini-Sumo robot, Bugdozer.
Some of its features:

8 pin DIP switch, 2 buttons, removable 4X20 LCD display
visible red LED floor line sensors
infrared object sensors
Lego gearhead & 2 wheels
Shovel shaped front

3. Door prizes

Tom Gralewicz provided door prizes:
2 stepper motor driver boards, claimed by John Patrick and David Wooden
2 gearhead motors reserved for next time
2 quadrature encoders claimed by Jim Fiocca

4. Rescheduling of next meeting

Due to the BattleBots contest in November, the next meeting has been moved to Sunday, November 12 at 1:00 PM. Jim Fiocca will make sure that the room is available, and will try to get use of a TV and VCR.

5. Constitution revisions

Section 1: Full membership shall be open to any legal adult. Student membership is available to anyone 16 or over. Junior membership open to any age, but must have parent or guardian present at meetings and events.

Section 3: Honorary memberships shall be granted at the discretion of the executive committee.

Section 3: only full members can hold office.

Section 2: All voting must be done in person at publicized meetings.

6. Nominations

Jim Fiocca has accepted his nomination as vice president, made in his absence at the last meeting.
David cook is our webmaster.

7. Events

Several ideas were discussed regarding events and contests. The main questions were:

1. How soon could we realistically put an event together?

2. What would be a good place to have an exhibition? Ideas included Woodfield Mall, the Museum of Science & Industry, and the Schaumburg Public Library lobby.

3. What type of competitions would we have? Ideas included Sumo (1 Kg and 3 Kg class), Line Following, and Maze Solving.

8. Adjournment, and more show and tell

After the meeting, we went out to the parking lot and saw a demonstration of the base of John Patrick’s heavyweight battle robot, Fusion. The base consists of two motors and four drive wheels in a very sturdy aluminum frame. After a few minutes wiring and with the help of a little Duct Tape, John was able to drive it around the parking lot. The four wheel drive is very effective, and the robot is very fast. So fast that the Duct tape just couldn’t hold the batteries on! John, Tom Gralewicz and David Cook discussed the logistics of the upcoming BattleBots event, in which Tom and David will be assisting John as his crew members.