Sumo Robots Push Opponents in Robot Sumo Contests

A pair of sumo robots battle to push each other out of a black circle with a white border (a robot sumo ring). Usually, a sumo robot is an intermediate-skill project as it requires:

The “mini” class is the most popular because it uses smaller motors (less expensive) and consumer batteries (usually 9V or AAA), but the weight and size limits can make it slightly difficult to design and construct. The standard class provides ample room for electronics, but requires a larger sumo ring, which can be awkward to transport. Pocket-sized micro sumo and nano sumo bots require keen eyesight, soldering dexterity, and surface-mount component expertise.

No.2 sumo robot thumbnail No.2 Mini-Sumo Robot
Pictures and videos of a champion mini-sumo robot that defeats opponents with pencils (yes, seriously). The robot has a 360-degree infrared opponent detection system and large LEGO wheels with embedded motors.
Go! Go! Go! Bugdozer autonomous mini-Sumo bot Bugdozer Autonomous Mini-Sumo Robot
Based on an MC68HC908GP32 microcontroller, this pulse-width modulated 18-volt dc scoop-on-wheels saw combat in November 2000. Using two 38-kilohertz infrared sensors and 4-front/1-rear near-red phototransistors, Bugdozer tries to push opponents out of the ring while staying within the white borders herself.
Hard2C thumbnail Hard2C Mini Sumo Robot
A mini sumo robot that is compact and painted black to avoid detection. It uses Sharp distance sensors, a 1 millimeter scoop, and floods opponents with red and infrared light. Learn about the flaws that prevent it from winning most sumo matches.
H.A.N.D. thumbnail Have A Nice Day - Sumo Robot
Driven by eight wheels and two Maxon motors, this LEGO-bodied robot shoves off competitors using a powered drop-down spatula-style scoop. Despite multiple sensors, three motor drivers, status LEDs, and a pushbutton, the robot is controlled by a simple 16-pin microcontroller.
A Sumo robot starting to fall out of the ring Illustrated Guide and Rules for American Robot Sumo
Robot Sumo is a simple, but fun, pushing contest. This guide is a complete description and walkthrough of a Sumo robot contest. It includes a variety of regulations, as well as tips and suggestions.
Mini-Sumo robot ring Mini-Sumo Robot Ring
A mini-Sumo ring is small, lightweight, and can be transported in a car. Having your own personal ring gives your robots the advantage of plenty of practice and experimentation. It’s easy to build a competition-quality ring when you know the tricks.
CIRC banner shown at 2000 Sumo contest CIRC Sumo Robot Contest 2000
The Central Illinois Robotics Club hosted a Sumo robot contest on November 5th, 2000. Bill Harrison announced and judged the matches. Home movies, photos, and a description of the event are posted.