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David Cook

Hi! I’m David.

My long-suffering wife hates the picture of me rubbing my chin that is plastered on the header throughout this website. (But I like it.) To be fair to her, I put this more flattering photograph on my contact page.

I really hope you like visiting Robot Room. Please post a link on your web site or personal page, would you?

I’ve been building robots for about ten years now. Before that, I knew nothing about electronics or machining. Some people would say that I still don’t know anything about those subjects.

Therefore, don’t be intimidated! You can do it, too.

So, you’ve decided that you want to write to me. What kinds of things do you want to talk about?

Yes! Those are all great reasons. Please write.

Here are some things that I can’t help with:

  1. You’re a student and you need help with your assignment. Instead, I recommend you search for robot clubs on and post a series of questions to those forums. You'll usually get pretty good responses.
  2. You’re a foreign manufacturing company and you want to sell me a bulk quantity of your PCBs or latest products. I’m not a retailer or wholesaler.
  3. You live outside of the United States/Canada and you don’t know how to get a book or particular part. Because I have a lot of world-wide readers, I would love to know the answer, but I don’t. Let me know of international booksellers and electronics distributors, and I'll be happy to add them to my links page.
  4. You can’t afford my book and you’d like a free copy or schematic. Instead, I recommend going to your library. Ask the librarian for the book if you don’t see it. If they don’t have it, they can usually get it from inter-library loan. Sadly, robotics is an expensive hobby. So, the cost of a book is only the tip of iceberg.

Not to deter anyone, but I often get mentally-engrossed in my projects and will fall way behind in emails. So, if you don’t hear from me, please please please don’t be offended. Just pop me another email.

Oh, one last thing, spam filters can and do gobble up your messages and my replies. That’s another good reason to write to me again (from a different email address) if you don’t hear from me.

My email address is a picture to try to fool spambots. Yet, I still need to switch addresses every year or so.

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