Red, Black, and Blue Colored Printed Circuit Boards!

Tired of drab off-yellow or pale-green PCBs? For years, I’ve been trying to find color board stock to make my circuits more attractive. Finally, I was able to locate and buy black, red, and blue single-sided copper clad boards.

Yellowish-green (standard), black, blue, and red colored copper clad circuit board.

Yellowish-green (standard), black, blue, and red colored copper clad circuit board.

This isn’t paint, dye, marker, or silkscreen. The substrate itself is colored.

I would have gladly purchased additional colors, such as true-green, purple, pink, yellow, white, and clear. And, I would have preferred double-sided boards. However, many hobbyists prefer single-sided boards when they etch PCBs at home, as it avoids alignment issues, reduces manual labor, and decreases etching time. So, no problem, I took the opportunity to create a single-sided open-faced (no container) Sandwich robot.

Open Face Sandwich robot with red PCB

Open-Face Sandwich robot with red PCB.

The results are really beautiful.

Here is a blue PCB. One side has copper traces and the other side is plain. As you can see, the board material is solid blue throughout.

Blue printed circuit board Blue single sided PCB with components

Both sides of a blue PCB. Left: Copper traces. Right: Components

Eagle-eyed readers may notice a couple of interesting details on the component side of the board. First, there are some bare wires that act as second-side traces, due to a lack of copper on that side. Second, the DIP socket in the middle of the board is clear, not the usual black.

Notice, as well, that I selected slightly fancier trimpots with yellow Phillips-head (crosshead) adjustment dials. They are available from Digi-Key, part #CT6ER203.

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