Thermal Images of Pets

I’m exploring my home while taking infrared photos with a Flir E4 thermal camera. Previously, I took some thermal photographs of household objects. The adventure continues with me bothering our animals.

Criminals that attempt to hide from police helicopters at night are surprised how quickly they are caught. Likewise, my cat believes it needn’t bother hiding in a dark room. But with thermal imaging technology -- I see you!

Cat hiding in dark room visible Cat hiding in dark room infrared

Cat hiding in dark room (visible and infrared)

Close up, she has an interesting thermal pattern of a cold nose and cold ear tips.

Raisin cat has a cold nose infrared

Raisin cat has a cold nose (infrared)

In contrast, Pumpkin has a warm nose and equally warm ears. However, his fur has false spots in infrared, having just gotten caught in the rain.

Pumpkin cat with raindrops infrared Pumpkin cat with raindrops visible

Pumpkin cat with raindrops (infrared and visible)

Where’s the dog? Hmm... something laid here recently.

Pet was laying here visible Pet was laying here infrared

Pet was laying down here (visible and infrared)

There he is! Good boy!

Paw prints infrared Paw prints visible

Paw prints (infrared and visible)

Notice the warm paw prints in the image above. Thermal imaging can reveal the same pattern in reverse, such as when a pet walks in from the cold or rain.

Paw prints wet infrared Paw prints wet visible

Paw prints wet (infrared and visible)

What other stuff can we find with a thermal camera?